A Quick Note

Hey friends, Just wanted to let y’all know that I will be in Montana/Alberta for the next eight days and won’t be checking in until I’m moved back into school next Sunday.  … Continue reading

Miami Weekend

I’m back friends! This past weekend was a blast and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I finished up my internship and my last summer class on Friday, and did… Continue reading

Sweet & Savory Sweet Potato + Cat Smiley

Hey friends! FINALLY vacation time!!! I’m jet setting to Miami to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend over the next few days, but I wanted to drop by and tell you… Continue reading

Not Every Run Will Be Your Best Run

I’m half way through week one of Hartford Half Marathon training. Last week I was trying to run between 5-6 miles every day to get in some base mileage, but my unfortunate experience… Continue reading

Sometimes You Just Really Want A Sandwich

Another week has gone by with me dropping the ball. Sorry my posts have been so inconsistent–life just gets in the way sometimes, ya know? Have no fear, though, I’m going to fill… Continue reading

I Like Talking About Running Better Than Actually Doing It

Yesterday after work I completed a 5-mile run, ending at the gym so I could pick-things-up-and-put-them-down. While I was running, all I could think about was how much it sucked. The past few… Continue reading

Race Recap: Caroline’s Miracle Foundation 5k

Yesterday Dad and I ran another 5k, hoping to get faster times than two weeks ago at the Sailfest 5k. We both woke up feeling good to go and thankfully we had a… Continue reading

Everything Smoothie Bowl + Future Plans

Hey friends, I hope everyone’s week has been going by smoothly. I’m dropping by to share an “everything” smoothie bowl I’m currently eating. I had a super hot run just now, and I… Continue reading

How to Make the Perfect Roasted Vegetables (Oil Free!)

Today I’m coming at ya with the perfected roasted vegetables. If you have the ingredients and the time, roasted vegetables make for the perfect side dish or meal.   Here we go!  … Continue reading

Smoothie Sunday: Cucumber Banana Smoothie

It’s that time again, my friends. Smoothie Sunday! The other day I whipped up an easy but seriously delicious smoothie and I wanted to share. I’ve been having this for breakfast lately and… Continue reading