KCE Goes International

As the fall semester has come to a conclusion, I am figuring out a game plan for the next five months of my life. In exactly 2.5 weeks, I will be boarding a… Continue reading

Running Through DC

A few weeks ago I received the good news that I was accepted to grad school at American University. I will be getting an MA in Strategic Communication and living in my favorite… Continue reading

Fall Things

Hey hey! Hope everyone’s Wednesday went well. I’ve been feeling incredibly “off” both physically and mentally since the race this past Saturday, and I’m hoping this funk will pass quickly. I was feeling… Continue reading

Race Recap: Hartford Half Marathon

Yesterday was the big day! My first time running the NU Hartford Half Marathon, and boy was it a good day. This was my fourth half marathon since my first last year, and… Continue reading


Hey hey, happy Friday peeps! Thankfully with my schedule this year I have Fridays completely off, which is awesome considering I have a billion things to do at all times. On today’s list… Continue reading

Strawberry-Banana Chia Seed Pudding

Hello hello! It’s the end of September, which means my annual back-to-school sinus infection is coming into full swing. I feel like absolute crap, and wish I could stay in bed all day.… Continue reading

Vacation & Updates

Hello everyone! I swear I’m not in hiding, just juggling life – isn’t that always the case? I want to throw out some life updates for you all to enjoy!    1. Glacier… Continue reading

A Quick Note

Hey friends, Just wanted to let y’all know that I will be in Montana/Alberta for the next eight days and won’t be checking in until I’m moved back into school next Sunday.  … Continue reading

Miami Weekend

I’m back friends! This past weekend was a blast and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I finished up my internship and my last summer class on Friday, and did… Continue reading

Sweet & Savory Sweet Potato + Cat Smiley

Hey friends! FINALLY vacation time!!! I’m jet setting to Miami to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend over the next few days, but I wanted to drop by and tell you… Continue reading